DermafolinTM cream is a medical skin care product for the local and rapid accumulation of bioactive folates, for daily use on sensitive or dry skin areas or as an accompanying treatment in skin therapy.

Bioactive folate is the energy for a vital skin and is the key factor for optimal skin regeneration. Folate deficiency is caused by oxidative stress as well as by strong sun exposure. Folate deficiency is also associated with skin diseases. Enriching the skin with bioactive folates therefore offers care and protection at the same time.

DermafolinTM cream is the key to vital skin.

Delivers bioactive folate directly into the skin

DermafolinTM protects and regenerates the skin.

Strengthens the natural skin barrier

DermafolinTM is without fragrance, colouring or preservatives.

Soothes skin irritation and acts as energy for the skin

DermafolinTM is quickly absorbed, long lasting and is rehydrating.

Accompanying treatment in therapy for an optimal outcome

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Photodegradation of folates within skin occurs by oxidation of reduced folates. Source: Essential Nutrients and Skin Cancer, Part V, Chapter 22, 2013

Bioactive folates plays a key role in skin health, DNA and RNA synthesis, amino acid synthesis, cellular division, melanin synthesis.

Bioactive folates (5-MTHF) was found in high concentration in the epidermis (Hasoun 2013).

The photosensitive nature of folate degradation implicates skin tissue as a particularly likely location for folate deficiencies (Bermudez et al. 2013, Lucock et al. 2021).

Folate deficiency is linked to numerous common dermatological conditions, respectively disorders like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, exfoliative dermatitis, glossitis, and skin cancers (Bermudez et al. 2013; Williams et al. 2012).